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Rules of Order



Compiled from the Louisiana Senate Statutory Database
(January 1, 2019)

Chapter 1. Senate Chamber, Floor and Other Physical Facilities

Rule 1.1. Regulation and control
Rule 1.2. Senate Chamber
Rule 1.3. Senate floor

Chapter 2. Oath of Office

Rule 2.1. Members elected to full term; judging qualifications and elections; oath
Rule 2.2. Members elected to fill vacancies; oath
Rule 2.3. Administration of oaths or affirmations

Chapter 3. Officers

Rule 3.1. Officers
Rule 3.1.1 Nomination of officers; selection procedure
Rule 3.2. President; election; removal; vacancy
Rule 3.3. Duties of President
Rule 3.4. President Pro Tempore; election; removal; vacancy
Rule 3.5. President Pro Tempore; duties
Rule 3.6. Secretary; election; removal; vacancy
Rule 3.7. Duties of Secretary
Rule 3.8. Sergeant at Arms; election; removal; vacancy
Rule 3.9. Duties of Sergeant at Arms
Rule 3.10. Duties of parliamentarian
Rule 3.11. Prohibitions

Chapter 4. Employees

Rule 4.1. Employees
Rule 4.2. Assistant Secretary
Rule 4.3. Pages

Chapter 5. Members and Quorum

Rule 5.1. Absence
Rule 5.2. Presence recorded
Rule 5.3. Quorum
Rule 5.4. Quorum necessary to transact business
Rule 5.5. Quorum call
Rule 5.6. Compelling attendance of absent members
Rule 5.7. Designation of or Referral to Certain Former Senators

Chapter 6. Decorum and Debate

Rule 6.1. Interruption of business prohibited
Rule 6.2. Decorous language
Rule 6.3. Call to order for violation of rules; appeal
Rule 6.4. Clearing the chamber
Rule 6.5. Recognition; rise to address
Rule 6.6. Order of recognition by President
Rule 6.7. Limits on debate; reading of papers
Rule 6.8. Member not to be interrupted while speaking; exceptions
Rule 6.9. Purpose and scope of questions
Rule 6.10. Members to remain in seat; exceptions

Chapter 7. Legislative Instruments

Rule 7.1. Legislative instrument defined
Rule 7.2. Numbering of instruments
Rule 7.3. Resolutions; titles
Rule 7.4. Title only bills
Rule 7.5. Repealed by SR 3 of 1994 2nd Ex.Sess.
Rule 7.6. Legislative instruments and other documents; introduction copies, printing; language indicators in bills
Rule 7.7. Endorsement of instruments
Rule 7.8. Engrossment
Rule 7.9. Reengrossment
Rule 7.10. Enrollment
Rule 7.11. Signature of President
Rule 7.12. Presentation to Speaker of House
Rule 7.13. Presentation to governor
Rule 7.14. Fiscal notes; capital outlay appropriations, amendments
Rule 7.15. Repealed by SR 179 of 2006 RS

Chapter 8. Amendments

Rule 8.1. Amendments; how considered
Rule 8.2. Amendments; germane to subject
Rule 8.3. Amendments; copies

Rule 8.4. Late approval of Non-governmental Entity Funding Requests

Chapter 9. Prefiling of Legislative Instruments

Rule 9.1. Time of prefiling; written consent of author
Rule 9.2. Numbering prefiled instruments; introduction copies
Rule 9.3. Printing and distribution
Rule 9.4. Referral to committee
Rule 9.5. Authority of author to withdraw
Rule 9.6. Presession committee hearings
Rule 9.7. Provisional reports
Rule 9.8. Prefiled instruments not referred
Rule 9.9. Introduction on first day of session

Chapter 10. Orders of Business

Rule 10.1. Convening in daily session; Morning Hour
Rule 10.2. Regular Order of the Day
Rule 10.3. Privileged messages and reports
Rule 10.4. Priority of business
Rule 10.5. Order of business; vote required to change
Rule 10.6. Three readings of bills required
Rule 10.7. Order of consideration of legislative instruments
Rule 10.8. Bills first and second reading
Rule 10.9. Resolutions; introduction and referral; suspension of laws
Rule 10.10. Commitment or amendment; two prior readings required
Rule 10.11. Committee report required
Rule 10.12. Committee report; when considered
Rule 10.13. Passage to third reading; committee amendments to general appropriations bill
Rule 10.14. Bills which have been recommitted
Rule 10.15. Legislative Bureau
Rule 10.16. Special Order
Rule 10.17. Returning to the calendar, subject to call; calling from calendar

Rule 10.17.1. Returning to the calendar; "Bagneris Rule"
Rule 10.18. Vetoed bill; reconsideration
10.19. Repealed by SR 5 of 1988 RS

Chapter 11. Motions

Rule 11.1. Statement of motion
Rule 11.2. Possession of the Senate
Rule 11.3. Division of the question
Rule 11.4. Substitute motions
Rule 11.5. Precedence of motions
Rule 11.6. Motion to adjourn
Rule 11.6.1. Motion to limit debate; interruption of speaker; vote
Rule 11.7. Motion to adjourn or recess; effect of
Rule 11.8. Motion to proceed to the consideration of executive business
Rule 11.9. Motion to lay on table
Rule 11.10. Motion to call from the table prohibited
Rule 11.11. Previous question; previous question of the entire subject matter
Rule 11.12. Reconsideration
Rule 11.13. Table of Rules Relating to Motions

Chapter 12. Voting

Rule 12.1. Members required to vote; explanation of vote
Rule 12.2. President's vote; tie vote
Rule 12.3. Presence in chamber required for voting
Rule 12.4. Record vote requirement
Rule 12.5. Putting the question
Rule 12.6. Voting machine out of order
Rule 12.7. Change of vote
Rule 12.8. Declaration of vote by presiding officer
Rule 12.9. Vote after announcement of decision prohibited
Rule 12.10. Vote required to pass legislative instruments
Rule 12.11. Vote required for amendments
Rule 12.12. Concurrence in Conference Committee reports
Rule 12.13. Tie vote

Chapter 13. Committees

Part I. Jurisdiction, Powers and Functions

Rule 13.1. Standing committees
Rule 13.2. Chairman and vice chairman
Rule 13.3. Absences from committee meetings; removal
Rule 13.4. Referral to standing committees; jurisdiction
Rule 13.5. Referral of study resolutions
Rule 13.5.1. Legislative instruments with significant fiscal cost; dual committee referral
Rule 13.5.2. Legislative instruments which produce increases or decreases in taxes or fees; dual committee referral
Rule 13.6. Meeting while Senate is in session
Rule 13.7. Executive sessions
Rule 13.8. Committee hearing
Rule 13.9. Committee report
Rule 13.10. Report by substitute
Rule 13.11. Directing committee to report
Rule 13.12. Standing committees; authority for meeting between sessions; authority for forming joint committees or for meeting jointly with House committees; procedure
Rule 13.13. Notice of commencement of interim study
Rule 13.14. Subcommittees; establishment; authority
Rule 13.15. Standing committees; subpoena power, punishment for contempt
Rule 13.16. Standing committees; compensation; expenses
Rule 13.17. Committees; authority with respect to funds from other than state sources
Rule 13.18. Senate and Governmental Affairs Committee; advisor to President
Rule 13.19. Cessation of interim study
Rule 13.20. Select committees
Rule 13.21. Conference Committees; membership
Rule 13.22 Senate Executive Committee

Part II. Uniform Rules of Committee Procedure

Rule 13.51. Committee rules
Rule 13.52. Committee chairman; duties
Rule 13.53. Committee chairman; voting; rights; duties as member
Rule 13.54. Vice chairman; duties
Rule 13.55. Acting chairman
Rule 13.56. Chairman; vacancy
Rule 13.57. Committee members; privileges
Rule 13.58. Amendments; members to offer
Rule 13.59. Members; duty to attend meetings; attendance record
Rule 13.60. Conflict of interest; recusal of members
Rule 13.61. Calling meetings; committee authority
Rule 13.62. Introduction of legislation by committees
Rule 13.63. Consideration of legislative instruments; mandatory on author's request
Rule 13.64. Misconduct; report of
Rule 13.65. Interim meeting; approval of President
Rule 13.66. Organizational meetings; calling; notice; purpose
Rule 13.67. Interim studies
Rule 13.68. Presession hearings of instruments
Rule 13.69. Committee meeting schedule during sessions
Rule 13.70. Observance of schedule required; exception
Rule 13.71. Changes in fixed schedules
Rule 13.72. Meeting rooms; assignment
Rule 13.73. Notice of committee meetings during sessions
Rule 13.74. Notice of interim meetings
Rule 13.75. Meetings; prohibited without notice
Rule 13.76. Agenda
Rule 13.77. Roll call
Rule 13.78. Hearings; persons to be heard; sworn statement; designees of elected officials; authority to compensate
Rule 13.79. Filing of prepared statements
Rule 13.80. Copies of instruments required prior to consideration
Rule 13.81. Second to motion not required
Rule 13.82. Quorum defined
Rule 13.83. Quorum; ex officio members
Rule 13.84. Quorum; members appointed pursuant to Rule 13.1(C)
Rule 13.85. Quorum required to transact business
Rule 13.86. Absence of quorum; authority of members present
Rule 13.87. Vote required for committee action; members disqualified or recused
Rule 13.88. Voting; members appointed pursuant to Rule 13.1(C)
Rule 13.89. Proxy voting prohibited
Rule 13.90. Reporting legislative instruments; vote required
Rule 13.91. Roll call; record votes required
Rule 13.92. Report of interim study required
Rule 13.93. Minutes of meetings required; contents
Rule 13.94. Minutes; approval
Rule 13.95. Permanent committee records; disposition
Rule 13.96. Verbatim records
Rule 13.97. Committee secretary; duties

Chapter 14. Journal and Legislative Calendar

Rule 14.1. Journal; proceedings entered
Rule 14.2. Journal; votes entered
Rule 14.3. Journal; legislative instruments to be entered, form
Rule 14.4. Journal; documents entered
Rule 14.5. Journal read daily
Rule 14.6. Senate Calendar; publication
Rule 14.7. Repealed by SR 168 of 2014 RS

Chapter 15. Rules

Rule 15.1. Action on Senate rules
Rule 15.2. Suspension of rules
Rule 15.3. Mason's Manual of Legislative Procedure

Chapter 16. Executive Business: Confirmation Proceedings

Rule 16.1. Committee referral of appointments submitted for confirmation
Rule 16.2. Open hearings, sessions, and votes; when closed session may be held
Rule 16.3. Appointees and officers; appearances before standing committees
Rule 16.4. Clearing of the Senate
Rule 16.5. Questions; when put
Rule 16.6. Secrecy of confidential communications
Rule 16.7. Penalties for violating confidence of Senate
Rule 16.8. Notification to governor or other official

Chapter 17. Rules Applicable to Discipline and Expulsion of Members

Rule 17.1. Applicability
Rule 17.2. Select Committee on Discipline and Expulsion
Rule 17.3. Sergeant at Arms; duties
Rule 17.4. Meetings; notice; quorum; vote; oath
Rule 17.5. Employees
Rule 17.6. Records
Rule 17.7. Initiation of action; Senate resolution required
Rule 17.8. Procedure in the Senate
Rule 17.9. Procedure in committee
Rule 17.10. When meetings may be held; report privileged; Senate action
Rule 17.11. Subpoena power; punishment for contempt
Rule 17.12. Receipt of resignation; authority of presiding officer

Chapter 18. Employment Opportunities and Sexual Harassment

Rule 18.1. Statement of policy regarding equal employment opportunities
Rule 18.2. Statement of Policy Against Sexual Harassment

Joint Rules of the Senate & House of Representatives

Joint Rule No. 1. Joint Sessions
Joint Rule No. 2. Presentation of Bills to Governor After Sine Die Adjournment
Joint Rule No. 3. Legislative Bureau
Joint Rule No. 4. Fiscal Notes
Joint Rule No. 5. Constitutional Amendment Ballot Language
Joint Rule No. 6. Redigest of Bills
Joint Rule No. 7. Repealed by SR 137 of 2006 RS
Joint Rule No. 8. Joint Committees; Quorum; Vote Required; Rotation of Officers of Certain Joint Legislative Bodies
Joint Rule No. 9. Approval of the Minimum Foundation Program Formula
Joint Rule No. 10. Bills Recommended by the Law Institute
Joint Rule No. 11. Repealed by SCR 137 of 2006 RS
Joint Rule No. 12. Request to Add or Delete Coauthors
Joint Rule No. 13. Interim Study Requests
Joint Rule No. 14. Allocation and use of space in the Pentagon Barracks
Joint Rule No. 15. Allocation of space in the State Capitol
Joint Rule No. 16. Legislative oversight by standing committees
Joint Rule No. 17. Nongovernmental Entity Funding Request Form
Joint Rule No. 18. Limit on bill introductions; exceptions
Joint Rule No. 19. General Appropriation Bill; time limitations
Joint Rule No. 20. Odd-numbered year session bill limitations; amendment limitations



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